Monday, June 18, 2012

i think it's been a month or so. time to update :)

hi omi!

 jordy is freakishly in love with mustaches so this was her birthday cake:

happy  birthday jojo!

 it was such a fun party!  the only things missing were sugu kids.

hattie climbed the rock wall!

father's day dinner:

hattie just laying there eating cherries:

and omi watching:

 she looks like a little brother in that outfit.
we don't care :)
she's so cute!


maryjane said...

All those pictures are so fun! I especially loves the ones of hattie eating the cherries. Happy Birthday Jordy! I hope she get's a real mustache for her birthday.

Anthony and Rene said...

I feel bad that Jordy didn't want the Clark kids there too, I mean Anthony would've shaved his beard and only kept the stache for her. I love all the pictures and I can't believe how big Hattie is getting. I am also loving omi's hair. Oh man how I wish we were out there with you guys right now

Cherish said...

is that a bunny Hattie is feeding??? cute and adorable pictures!