Thursday, April 18, 2013

some pictures

since we never post...

we went to ojai for chip's birthday.  it was so pretty:

it was a little windy on the beach:

painting with shaving cream in the bath:


Hattie and her rapunzel cake that papa made.  that's hair coming down out of the tower :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to this little crazy, wonderful, talented, special, spicy, funny, long-haired, sweet, sensitive, shy, wiggly girl!
(a lot of our pictures are on another drive so we're missing pictures from 1-2 yrs :))

 We had such a fun day doing all the things Hattie likes!  Papa even got to be home from work!

Some facts about this little 4 year old:
1.  she asked for bubble-wrap for her birthday
2.  she always asks for her shirt (or dress) to be tucked in
3.  She hates wrinkles on her tights or leggings
4.  She is such a nice big sister
5.  She LOVES babies and is so excited to have another one in the family
6.  She told Chip today at the gym: "this is where I'll become an acrobat!"
7.  When her teacher said, "we need to sing to miss hattie,"  Hattie yelled "NO!"
8.  She wasn't too fond of ballet class, when all the 
little girls were sitting in a circle, she was standing.
9.  She has a little lateral lisp.  it's so cute!  especially when she says, "sure, sure, sure!"
10.  she loves to read books
11.  She loves her sunbeam class at church and her teachers always say 
how wonderful and sweet she is
12.  She changes her outfit multiple times a day
13.  In the morning she climbs in our bed and says, "snuggle?"
14.  She sucks on her blanky!
15.  She loves to help in the kitchen... especially when it means licking the bowl.  She's always dipping her fingers in whatever we're making and trying the ingredients... even if it's a spoonful of garlic.
16.  She loves climbing to the top of the fridge
17.  she won't talk to her preschool teacher... 
18.  She LOVES all her cousins!
19.  She loves jumping off of things after she's climbed up them
20.  She loves putting makeup all over her face
21.  She hates attention
22.  She loves drawing, cutting, pasting, painting...
23.  She's so sweet and fun when you're in 
24.  She loves pointing out flowers on the side of the freeway
25.  She's so sensitive to bad guys in shows.
26.  She loves to pinch bums (taught by the one that stays home with her all day :))
27.  the words "poop"  and "peepee"  make her crack up (also taught by mom)
28.  She loves to go in the cold room at costco
29.  She helps omi out of the crib, gets her in her high-chair, and pours her cereal 
30.  She'll climb in omi's crib with her and read books

We love this little girl so much!  we wish all of you could be in her little circle of buddies so you could see all that we see!  We're so happy our little Hattie came to us 4 years ago!  She sure has changed our lives for the better.

Monday, June 18, 2012

i think it's been a month or so. time to update :)

hi omi!

 jordy is freakishly in love with mustaches so this was her birthday cake:

happy  birthday jojo!

 it was such a fun party!  the only things missing were sugu kids.

hattie climbed the rock wall!

father's day dinner:

hattie just laying there eating cherries:

and omi watching:

 she looks like a little brother in that outfit.
we don't care :)
she's so cute!