Thursday, April 18, 2013

some pictures

since we never post...

we went to ojai for chip's birthday.  it was so pretty:

it was a little windy on the beach:

painting with shaving cream in the bath:


Hattie and her rapunzel cake that papa made.  that's hair coming down out of the tower :)


Shauna said...

Such cute girls!

bsandtana said...

What sweet and beautiful girls and another baby on the way!! Congrats!! It's been awhile since I've checked your blog--so glad I did!

Anthony and Rene said...

ha ha ha i'm glad you clarified what was on the cake. j/k
always love seeing pictures of you guys, we miss you more than ever!!!

Aimee Dillon Vaassen said...

Aww, Bex, your family is soooo cute!!!